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“an election result determined in part by the votes of those with no knowledge or interest in the matter is surely a worrying one.”#

Information Resources

AEC Information Centre

Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918

International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance


CIA Suffrage Factbook

Trinity College Resource Centre

Research / Discussion Papers

House of Commons Briefing Paper

Aust. Parliament Research Brief

Report of the Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2001 Federal Election

Institute for Public Policy Research


Facebook Group

Voluntary Voting Party

Senator Nick Minchin #1

Senator Nick Minchin #2

Padraic McGuinness

Michael Duffy

Antony Green

Klaus Woldring

Slate magazine article

Senator Cory Bernardi


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glossary of political terms

# Don Aitkin & Brian Jinks, ‘Australian Political Institutions’ Pitman Australia, Sydney, 1982, p.128

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